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Winwend is a young and energetic team, we advocate active organizational atmosphere, pay attention to the equal exchange environment, and care about the personal career development of employees.Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced career elite, this is an ideal stage for you to display your talents

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Open position

Product department

  • Product designer

    Product designer

    Job requirements:

    1. Have experience in designing audio products (earphones, speakers) or have a strong interest in such product design.

    2. Modeling, rendering and plane expression of new product ID according to product definition, controlling production of product video, and having a strong visual aesthetic for product design.

    3. Independently responsible for the concept, creativity, design and r&d of the company's new products, and understood the design positioning and style of the new products.

    4. Participated in the company's innovative design scheme, took charge of the control of design direction, product prototyping, follow-up and final effect confirmation.

    5. Completed the analysis and understanding of product definition requirements, had a certain hand-drawn ability to present proposals, and continuously followed up and solved the appearance design problems of new product development.

    6. Positive work attitude and strong sense of responsibility.

The purchasing department

  • The purchasing managers'

    The purchasing managers'


    1. College degree or above, basic English, major is not limited, driver's license is preferred.

    2, work actively, expression ability is strong, savvy, resistant to pressure.Willing to endure hardship, have a sense of responsibility, have team spirit.

    3. Having purchasing experience in electronics (mobile phone charger, data line, wireless charger and other mobile phone accessories) is preferred, knowing the pearl river delta factory and having sufficient resources.Be able to travel frequently.

    4, the company to take basic salary + bonus, to encourage those who work more, refuse to mediocre and lazy!

    5. Excellent fresh graduates can be cultivated by the company.

Export trade communicator